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CD cover - Oh for some Blue Skies - by Accordéon Mélancolique The new Accordéon Mélancolique album !

Oh for some Blue Skies

Contains new studio recordings. 13 new compostions by Jean-Pierre Guiran and 2 covers: Trouble in Mind & Softly as in a Morning Sunrise.

CD cover - Blessing in Disguise - by Accordéon Mélancolique The new Accordéon Mélancolique album !

Blessing in Disguise

Contains new studio recordings. 13 new compostions by Jean-Pierre Guiran and 2 covers: Verte Campagne and Frevo Sanfonado

CD cover - Barcelona - by Accordéon Mélancolique



 The languid eroticism of a distant, warm country. Restrained passion, smoldering fire. Mild Latin temperament with a melody you won't soon forget. Is it a samba? Is it a Rumba? Maybe a tango? It is…. Barcelona. Hear the castanets! (Bob Zimmerman)

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2021 - stam013 - NLC362101301 - 6090539986917 - Barcelona - Accordéon Mélancolique & le Septette Nostalgique

CD cover - Hatrrick for a Clown - by Accordéon Mélancolique


Hattrick for a Clown

 A slightly melancholy waltz, which feels like the wise smile of an old circus clown. Then the tear is never far away. Sometimes it sounds French, sometimes Italian, sometimes typical Dutch… this music settles in your heart in a way it will never leave. (Bob Zimmerman)

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2021 - stam014 - NLC362101401 - 6090511857822 - Hattrick for a Clown - Accordéon Mélancolique & le Septette Nostalgique

CD cover - Aquarelles - by Accordéon Mélancolique

Aquarelles order

Contains new studio recordings. All composions are inspired by the many facets of water.

CD cover - Gratitude - by Accordéon Mélancolique

Gratitude order

Contains studio recordings, mostly original work and also Musette, Blues and Swing.

Title Comments
1. Eléphants Blancs
Status symbol with rose nails
2. Swiss Affair
Dodgy money or a Swiss liaison?
3 Flambée Montalbanaise
(Gus Viseur)

The title is said to have been coined by Django Reinhardt by a log fire in Montauban (F)

4 Gratitude I

Gratitude is like a flower,

5 Gratitude II
Whose gilded head,
6 Gratitude III
Unfurled by the sun’s kiss, reveals its inner beauty.
7 Bailamos la Vida
(J.P. Guiran)
Or is life dancing to our tune?
8 Creole Love Call
(Duke Ellington)
King Oliver recorded this number as early as 1923. Duke’s rendition wasn’t until 1928!
9 Sans Queue ni Tête
Upbeat improvisation without a beginning or an end
10 The Singing Moon
Recorded live in the Thomas Church in Katlijk, (NL) on 26-2-2012.
11 Seaside
This theme came into being while we were playing at a beach venue in Zeeland, NL
12 Cinquante
(J.P. Guiran)
For those who have reached or are hoping to reach fifty
13 Farewell Blues
(Elmer Schoebel, Paul Joseph Mares, Leon Rappolo)
This was the closing theme tune to the Ramblers on Dutch Radio for thirty years.
14 Santiago
(J.P. Guiran)
This somewhat Spanish-sounding tune arose in the wake of our move to Sint-Jacobiparochie, (NL). Santiago is Spanish for Sint-Jacobi.

15 Rose de Salon
(J.P. Guiran)

A tango of cultivated beauty.

CD cover - Les Invités- by Accordéon Mélancolique The fifth Album

Les Invités order

During the past years we discovered a lot of beauty in music from far and near. We hope this beauty shines through the original compositions and arrangements on this new album. You will find on this CD also Swedish, Yiddish, a Venezuelan waltz, music from The Godfather movie, Le Cygne.

Title   Comments
  The arrival of the guests.
2. Ma Chérie
  My love. Ma Chérie is the rounder and more feminine equivalent of Mon Chéri (see the Le Nid Aimé CD).
3 Bougainville

The French sailor Louis Antoine de Bougainville introduced this Brazilian flower, the bougainvillea, to Europe in 1768.

4 Tonton Charles

Uncle Charles sometimes forgets – but not this melody!

5 Padiki Dikitika
  “A cordial welcome”- improvisation. The title is onomatopoeic.
6 Clandestin
  For all those who were born but have no papers.
7 Tanah Tumpah Darah
(J.P. Guiran)
  Her native country.
8 Gånglåt
(trad. Swedish/J.P. Guiran)
  Since the eighteenth century, Sweden has been keeping an accurate record of the composers of (folk) songs and is the only country in Europe to do so. This “strolling song”, played here on a more serious note, was listed early in the 19th century by Spel-Jöns (Playful John) from Medelpad.
9 The Dancing Tortoise
  A tortoise belonging to Het Paradijs restaurant in Enschede, NL, once spontaneously started dancing to this number.
10 The Godfather
Love Theme (Nino Rota)
Tarantella (Carmine Coppola)
Mazurka (Carmine Coppola)
  Three melodies from a film of the same name about Italian mafia practices in America.
11 Le Cygne
  The Swan, the renowned cello/piano piece from the Carnival of the Animals from 1886. Jean-Pierre uses his rendition to represent the legs kicking underwater while Cherie concentrates on the gracious movement above water.
12 Por el Camino Real
(J.V. Torrealba/J.P. Guiran)
  A harp waltz from Venezuela complemented by Jean-Pierre’s own addendum.
13 Klezmer
(trad. Yiddish)
  The title is also an umbrella term for Yiddish music combined with local music from the countries to which the Jews were taken by the diaspora.
14 Gut Morgn
  This klezmer melody was played at the end of a wedding. It was a subtle hint to leave.

15 Requiem pour une Rose
(J.P. Guiran)

A tribute to the splendour of withered beauty.

CD Le Nid Aimé - Accordéon Mélancolique

Le Nid Aimé (the beloved nest) order

(sheetmusic also available)

1 Le Lac Minor
  This recording was made after a walk along the shores of a lake as dusk was falling.
2 Kripi Kripi
  Give each other's arms a friendly squeeze before listening to this number.
3 Merel
J.P. Guiran
  A blackbird has been singing this riff outside our house for the last couple of years. We have used the first six notes for this tune. On the subject of birds, research carried out at the Max Planck Institute in Germany has shown that if a male canary sings beautifully to his partner, she will produce bigger eggs!
4 Mon Chéri
J.P. Guiran
  This medium swing number was composed shortly after Ma Chérie (expected on the next CD). It is more angular, more masculine - hence the title.
5 Mi Yitneni Of
Trad Yiddish/J.P.Guiran
  Who will make a bird of me? ~ A small flying bird? That can rest without a care ~ in its proper nest.
6 L'Esprit du Sud
J.P. Guiran
  Sun, sun, sun!
7 Le Nid Aimé
J.P. Guiran 33sec
  The beloved nest. This is dedicated to all those who have been ousted out of their nest by a young cuckoo.
8 Maria Clara
J.P. Guiran
  To a heart-warming, beaming Portuguese woman.
9 Solitude Heureuse
J.P. Guiran
  (Single and Happy) A composition dating from 1978. One of JP's first relationships had come to an end and he tried to pull himself together.
10 l'Heure Bleue
J.P. Guiran
  The point at which roughly speaking late evening becomes early morning.
11 Te Lang Alleen
J.P. Guiran
  Alone too long. Melancholic sounds to cherish.
12 Juif Errant
J.P. Guiran
  The wandering Jew is a mythological character whom Jesus is said to have condemned to roam until the end of time.
13 Appelboom
J.P. Guiran
  (Apple tree) The shape, the colours, the blossom...the fruit...
14 La Partida
C. Bonet/J.P. Guiran
  (Departure) Venezuelan waltz, polyrhythmic because the threequarter beat is divided into two equal parts.
15 Within Five Minutes!
J.P. Guiran

CD Petits Fours Frais by Accordion Melancholic The live CD by Accordéon Mélancolique!

Petits Fours Frais order

This album contains concert registrations with guest musicians in the period 2001-2003: Nick McGuire (bass), John Ligthart (guitar), Koen de Cauter (sax & guitar), Jopie Jonkers (vocals), Antoon Aukes (percussion & tap-dance), Thea van der Meer (sax) and of course Cherie de Boer (accordion, vocals & percussion) and Jean-Pierre Guiran (accordion & vocals).
A frivolous CD with lots of variety in personnel and ambience.

1 La Nena
(Luis Kalaff)
  Me Quieren Quitar La Nena. La Nena, where has she gone? + Nick and John
2 Volver
(C. Gardel)
  Classic Tango. +Nick
3 Manha de Carnaval
  Famous melody from the film Orpheo Negro. + Jopie: third vocal , Cherie: "accordion-percussion"
4 Highland Reel
(trad. Scottish)
  Scottish fireworks + Nick
5 Amorcito
(L. Borgschot)
  Taste the friendly atmosphere of the Antilles + Nick
6 Une Valse Anglaise S.V.P.
  The beauty of the slowness is slowly revealed + Nick & John
7 Passé Composé
(J.P. Guiran)
  Cheerful blues. + John, Antoon (percussion & tap dance), Thea, and Nick.
8 Aurore
(F. Lafertin)
  Elated greeting the morning
9 Terezinha
(G. Gonçalves)
  Play this Cape Verdean melody and tomorrow the sun is shining . + Koen , John and Nick.
10 l'Imparfait du Coeur
(J.P. Guiran)
  If you try to play straight from the heart.
+ Nick
11 Mango
(J.P. Guiran)
  Fruity track, be careful with the filaments between your teeth . + John
12 Cirque Mazurque
(J.P. Guiran)
  Moisty tents, horse smell and clowns. Jean-Pierre en Antoon. Download Free Sheetmusic here
Antoon wrote a book on drumming: Click...
13 La Mer
(C. Trenet& A. Lasry)
  The sea with vocals by J.P. + Nick
14 Parade des Poules
(J.P. Guiran)
  In memoriam for the millions of chickens that were killed in Holland to preserve their congeners from illness!!!! + Nick, John, Thea, Antoon and Parbleu.

CD Parade des Poules by Accordion Melancholic The CD "Parade des Poules" !

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Now sheet music also available. Click here for an example page in pdf format. Click here to order.

1 Parade des Poules (J.P.Guiran)   Oddly enough, the title of this piece had been thought up before the "chicken rhythm"
2 Helena (J.P.Guiran)   Musette-esque waltz in Aeolian mode. Acoustic Rainbow: If you love music that is unusual, then check out this accordion duo from The Netherlands. The original composition "Helena" exposes a beautiful flowing melody with great counterpoint. It's perfect for adventurous folk DJ's and world music aficionados.
3 Tres Corazones (trad Tex-mex)/ J.P.Guiran)   Two typical Tex-Mex (Tejano) numbers, la chicharonera and la complicada, linked by Jean-Pierre’s conexión.
4 Takirari del Regreso (A. Baldassari)   Originally played in the Yungas (Bolivia) on charango and kena. Takirari is a kind of rhythm.
5 Zemer Atik (Trad Jiddish)   A folk dance from Israel played as an invitation to those present to join in. The dance itself is also known as the dance of the camels on account of its characteristic movements.
6 Mango (J.P.Guiran)   Latin rhythm with a tincture of Django Reinhardt
7 Volver (Carlos Gardel)   A composition by Gardel, the great Tango singer from the Argentine of the 1920, in an "Accordéon Mélancolique" arrangement
8 Café vert (J.P.Guiran)   Freshly picked "lively" coffee
9 Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet)   The number by Sidney Bechet, the American saxophonist who created a furore in France.
10 Tarantella (Trad. Italiaans)   Italy is home to the highly poisonous tarantula spider. Legend has it that the only way to survive a bite is by dancing to this Tarantella music.
11 Oye Diosa y Fe (Trad. Cubaans)   Listen to Godin and believe. A slow melody to the "Afro" rhythm of an old Celia Cruz LP
12 Highland Reel (Trad. Schots)   Dance the Highland Reel to this medley of three Scottish reels.
13 Une Valse Anglaise S.V.P. (J.P.Guiran)   A slow English waltz that gradually heats up
14 Penawar Duka (Trad. Indonesisch)   A Kronchong tune from Indonesia, Cherie's birthplace
15 Amorcito (Leoncito Borgschot)   Antillian waltz from the fifties by saxophonist Borgschot
16 Quinta Anauco (Aldemaro Romero)

  A Venezuelan love song spontaneously brought to our attention by a visitor to one of our concerts.
17 Olijven vallen (Uit Mistero Buffo – trad. Italiaans) A number from Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo. It was given its Dutch title by the Internationale Nieuwe Scène drama group.

CD L'Imparfait du Coeur by Accordion Melancholic

A wealth of warmth and hidden silence

gratefully ready

to be welcomed into your heart

Now sheet music also available. Click here for an example page in pdf format. Click here to order.

This album mainly features South American and French tunes. Personal interpretation and the departure from tradition add to the profundity of the adventure. It also features two of Jean-Pierre's original compositions: 11 and 13; All tracks on this CD are instrumental.

Title   Comments
1 Beguine des rêves brisés (L. Asselbergs)   Lucas Asselbergs is a Dutch composer
2 L'indifférence (J. Colombo / T. Murena)   typical French musette
3 Aurore  (F.Lafertin)   is by the guitarist Fapy Lafertin, who is based in Zealand Flanders
4 La Vie en Rose (Louiguy)   is played as an intro. to 5
5 Feliz Viaje (Jacobo (Shon Coco) Palm)   which is an Antillean waltz
6 Ma Première Guitare (S. Distel)   is swing with bursts of improvisation
7 La Mer (Charles Trenet & Albert Lasry)   was inspired by the sea
8 La Nena ( L.Kalaff)   is a Colombian composition
9 Chôro Do Adeus (Laurindo Almeida)   is a semi classic guitar duet. The arrangement is by the Brazilian composer
10 El Choclo (A.G. Villoldo)   their version of a tango
11 Passé composé (J.P.Guiran)   is blues; features one of Jean-Pierre's own compositions
12 El Diabolo Suelto (trad.)   is a fast, devilish waltz from the Antilles
13 L'Imparfait du Cœur (J.P.Guiran)   features one of Jean-Pierre's own compositions hence "Mélancolique"
14 Uno (E.S Discepolo/M.Mores/arr. M.Salina)   their version of a tango
15 Cœur Vagabond (J. Colombo)   typical French musette, played here with "breathing space"
16 Miserlou (trad. grec)

  is a melody traditionally reserved for Greek women should their husbands fail to return from sea. They choose a place on a cliff for the performance, and throw themselves into the depths one by one

CD Le Roi des Jongleurs by Orkest Polytour
Le Roi des Jongleurs - Polytour
Chansons (Brassens, Trenet, Montant...), musette and Gypsy Swing à la Django Reinhardt. Jan de Jong on sologuitar and (French) vocals and accordion by Jean-Pierre Guiran.
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CD Django Chanté by Orkest Polytour Django Chanté - Polytour
Gypsy Swing by Polytour. A group around accordionist / chanson singer Jean-Pierre Guiran en guitar virtuoso Jan de Jong. This remarkable CD this disc boasts five songs texts never previously heard set to well-known compositions by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.
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CD Laughin' in Rhythm by Bubblin' Toorop Trio Laughin' in Rhythm -Het Bubblin' Toorop Trio
Swing Ballads and Blues.
Bubbles Toorop - guitar and vocals, Wilco Jordi - violin, Jean-Pierre Guiran-accordion.
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