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Hi Jean-Pierre, Thanks for the notice about my order. I'm looking forward to having your CD and book. The web site was great and hearing the sound samples sold me on the CD. I play Guitar, Cuban Tres and 3 row button Accordeon with a local band named " Chiva Bus". Like your group, we play an eclectic mix of tunes. I'm fairly new to playing the accordeon so I am pleased to find some new material to work with as it has been a bit difficult to find sources here in the US. Now, thanks to the internet, the world is smaller and if you get lucky you find what you need. Cheers,Thomas Orvosh USA.

Hello, I was looking for another version of La Mer and I searched on Google _ La Mer_ Accordion and you came up on page 3. Having endlessly played Charles Trenet's version, I found your 46 sec clip absolutely captivating and I couldn't stop listening. Looking forward to hearing all of it and the rest of the CD. Best wishes, Anthea Haddow, United Kingdom.

Just wanted to let you know I received the package today. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. It was great timing because I also just received my accordion yesterday. It is a great pleasure to have such beautiful music both in sheet music form and on cd to begin learning from and from which to draw inspiration. I can't decide which song I like the best since they are all so good. I do really enjoy your compositions and look forward to hearing more. Thank you also for the advice regarding which songs to start with. Kind regards, Julie, Czech Republic
(From the CD L'Imparfait du Coeur I can advise for beginners: La vie en rose, Ma Premìère Guitar, Miserlou. From the CD Parade des Poules I can advise for beginners:Parade des Poules (just the melody), Helena, Zemer Atik, Une valse anglaise, Olijven vallen.. Succes J.P.G.)

Hello Jean-Pierre Gurian & Cherie de Boer, the book and CD, is came to me in day, wow for beautifull playing, I love it. Thank you. Regards. (Jess) Bent Hansen DK

I've at last found some music I really like. I'm knocked out with your MP3s and placed my order straight away - can't wait to hear properly. You both sound fabulous - thank you for the music and inspiration. Carl - England