The duo -

Musicians Cherie de Boer and Jean-Pierre Guiran discovered a number of years ago that silence plays a prominent role in music. This apparent paradox – music and silence – became the catalyst for their musical renaissance. Using silence as well as sound to arrange their music, they were able to bring passion to even the simplest of pieces and give rhythmic melodies that extra sparkle.

Both musicians are largely self-taught; their original style might well be the consequence of this. They started out in 1994. Their first CD L'imparfait du Cœur was voted the best accordion CD of 1999 by the Swedish accordion magazine Dragspels Nytt. In response they played at festivals in Iceland and Denmark in the summer of 2000 and 2003.

Accordéon Mélancolique has given hundreds of concerts since then. Five CDs, which feature many of their own compositions, have found their way to music lovers all over the world. Four volumes of sheet music have been published and enthusiastically received by musicians at music schools. The recognition of their music is evident in its frequent use in films, documentaries, dance and theatre productions, commercials etc.

Who uses Accordeon Melancolique’s music?
the French dance group Accrorap - choreographer Johannes Wieland at the Juilliard in New York - Martin Scorsese in the film Picasso..- choreographer Melanie Aceto in Resemblance, a contemporary New York dance duet - many programmes on Dutch tv - the Aamerican movie "if God wants"..........

“It was as a girl of ten that I first heard the sound of an accordion, and I was immediately sold. After a period of rather uninspiring lessons, the accordion disappeared under my bed. It made its next appearance fifteen years later for a performance with a friend in a band based in Utrecht. By coincidence, the ensemble included Jean-Pierre. The first time I heard him playing the accordion I recognised my own approach to the music in his interpretation.”
It was apparently such a success that they have now been together for seventeen years, physically, spiritually and musically.
Jean-Pierre Guiran's French background is undoubtedly an advantage in performing the French repertoire. The character he radiates is authentic. "While I was a physics student I picked up a Hohner accordion for the first time. My life took an immediate U-turn. The feeling for music which manifested itself at that point, having lain dormant for so long, moved me to immerse myself completely in this music and instrument. I'm a natural accordionist - I squeeze for a living!" "It is Cherie's authenticity and the way she utilises dynamics in melodies that appeals to me."
Jean-Pierre Guiran - Accordeon Melancolique

Where do you hear our music?

  • In the US documentary short film "Picasso and Braque go to the movies" music of Accordeon Melancolique will be used. Go see it! Cubists LLC, D.P. Petr Hlinomaz – HD Documentary.

  • Compositions by Jean-Pierre, performed by Accordéon Mélancolique have been used for the French video documentary Notre Village Quintal

  • Music of our CDs is used in the Dutch TV-film: Drilling in the sea bottom.

  • The American radio station WDYN is playing our music, read

  • The composition Helena has been used in a Peugeot sunroof TV commercial .

  • Music of the CD Parade of the Poules has been used for the Dutch Ikon TV documentary oud en der dagen zat.

  • Music composed and registrated for a shipping documentary for Dutch vpro television

  • Ordered by Danshuis Limburg Merkx & dancers have made a dancing show for young children . This show is full of music by Accordeon Melancolique.

  • In the radio play Zeeuwsch Meisje transmitted in the programme met het oog op morgen contains compositions and performance by Jean-Pierre.

  • The music in the Dutch Tv documentary de Koperen ploeg by Kristie Stevens concerning the Amsterdam Harbour is by Accordéon Mélancolique.

  • Enjoy a tour of The National park at Ellis Island in New York, USA where immigrants were processed for entry into the US for many years. The tour is for Ellis Island and Liberty Island where the statue of Liberty is. There is no specific address as you have to take a boat to get there (there are two islands) and you can catch a boat from New York or New Jersey. While listening to the tourist information on the MP3 player provided you can also enjoy fragments of music by Accordeon Melancolique. The Mp3 tour will be available till 2008.

  • When you go to Paris, don't be surprised to hear Accordeon Melancolique playing on the information Channel in up to 50 Hotels.

  • Music of the CDs has been used for the Humanitas DVD eigenwijs is onze wijs . In a edition of 4000 copies.

  • How do you play beautiful music on a ugly instrument. For one hour we talked (in Dutch) about this item. We were guests in the program de Wandelende Tak VPRO RADIO NL. focused on worldmusic. Besides tracks of our CDs also live recordings were used.

  • L'heure bleu. During this program broadcasted on the Dutch national radio thirteen tracks of our albums were given airplay.

  • Music of the Parade des Poules CD was used for the Sargent audiotour in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). This John Singer Sargent exhibition closes on May 11, 2003

  • (inter-)national stages - with a concert for hundreds of listeners in Jyderup accordion festival in Denmark and twice on the international accordion festival in Iceland. Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Magdenburg and Norway, Arendal.
In the Netherlands:
  • Accordeon Melancolique gave concerts on evenings with well known Dutch writers like Vonne van der Meer, Tessa de Loo and Nelleke Noordervliet
  • Concert in the garden of castle Middachten
  • Concert during the famous Amsterdam Books gala.
  • Amsterdam - Van Gogh Museum. Friday evening concert.
  • Enschede - Concordia. During the tango festival Fiebre del Tango.
  • Blauwe zaal Utrecht na het concert Utrecht - concert in the Blue Room of the municipal theater.
  • And many more concerts, see Agenda and Agenda-Archive

The duo