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Sheet Music Blessing in Disguise

Sheet music Blessing in Disguise now available

 start with Thrush (Grive Musicienne) a simple waltz, courtesy of Chopin, which includes a snippet of melody from a thrush in our garden.

French critic Couvreux writes:

....this music should be prescribed by doctors to all excited people of our time; here we take our time, play with the melody, give silence a place and let the music breathe. I think as a listener, to use a phrase of Miles Davis, you always have the impression that they are looking for the notes that are too much; no demonstrative virtuosity, no bluster, a music boned to the bone, leaving only musicality, poetry and tenderness; Jean-Pierre Guiran, a born melodist, is a painter of sound who invites us to reverie, to let go......

The Sheet Music can be ordered now, see here

Two new compositions online

Barcelona Accordeon Melancolique Spotify - Apple - Youtube - Deezer

Hattrick for a clown Accordeon Melancolique Spotify - Apple - Youtube - Deezer

We are very happy that we have found Bob Zimmerman willing to make an arrangement for these two compositions.

The recordings were made with 7 top musicians:
Jasper van Rosmalen, violin
Merel Jonker, violin
Mieke Honingh, viola
Jascha Albracht, cello
Erik Winkelmann, double bass
Eddy Koopman, percussion and marimba
Paul Pleijsier, spanish guitar

made possible by #investeringsfondsmuziek @bumastemra and @minocw
Recordings took place on May 28, 2021 in the Power Sound Studio, Amsterdam

Barcelona Accordeon Melancolique

Concerts in Portugal

International puppet festival Ovar in Portugal

Portugal 7,8, 9 and 10 June 2018.
Two concerts at the FIMO doll festival in the North-West of Portugal. Festival Internacional de Marionetas de Ovar. At the opening on Thursday 7 June 22: 15H at the Jardim do Cáster and on Sunday 10 June at 11: 45H in Parque Urbano. See Facebook page FIMO for the complete program. Facebook

Interview in digital magazine Accordion Life Today.

Accordion Life Spring 2017

"Aquarelles: possibly the most beautiful sheet music book ever published"

Just when they had an “important” show, the girlfriend went ill. And Cherie didn’t feel confident enough to do it just on her own. That was how I came in, somebody knew me. But there was one problem, I was not a girl! The solution was this: we were ... more

Read the article here or go to Accordion Life Today

Jean-Pierre Guiran on Dutch National TV Channel

Jean-Pierre Guiran explains how the accordion works, but what is happening here?

Video clip taken from the children's television series Apennoten with Pepijn, Bas and a lot of children on Dutch public KRO-NCRV television. See also Zappelin.nl/Apennoten choose april 12.


Broken Dreams is going to be broadcast in America!!!

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams is going to be broadcast in America!!! People in Oklahoma can see it twice: OETA will show it on 2 June 7pm and OKLA on 21 June 4pm, 2016. See also www.brokendreams.eu

Broken Dreams is the remarkable life story of a Dakota that was supposed to be used for the Soldier of Orange musical in the Netherlands. But everything turned out different than planned... This particular Dakota was involved in a terrible accident (on Friday the 13th) while being transported on the road.

The song Clandestin (Accordeon Melancolique CD Les Invités) has been used in this documentary by Suzanne van Leendert.

Accordéon Mélancolique music used in Julliard production

In Johannes Wieland's -Because there isn't any- the dancers seemed to spend quite a bit of time on the floor. Wieland's piece, which includes having the dancers speak, featured a really entertaining score by Jean-Pierre Guiran for accordion duo played with blithe lyricism by Bob Goldberg and Michel Ippolito. The music alone made it enjoyable but the piece went on too long.

Jonathan Campbell caught in mid-air by photographer Rosalie O'Connor
Jonathan Campbell caught in mid-air by photographer Rosalie O'Connor.

Music by Accordéon Mélancolique used in Julliard production
The third-year class of The Juilliard School, New York, performs a new work by Johannes Wieland, Artistic Director of the resident dance company at the State Theatre of Kassel, Germany. The work is set to a series of folk songs, mostly by J.P. Guiran (Cafe Vert, Mango, Te Lang Alleen and l'Heure bleue), to be performed live by accordionists Michael Ippolito and Bob Goldberg.

Review in Oberon's Grove.
In Johannes Wieland's -Because there isn't any- the dancers seemed to spend quite a bit of time on the floor. Wieland's piece, which includes having the dancers speak, featured a really entertaining score by Jean-Pierre Guiran for accordion duo played with blithe lyricism by Bob Goldberg and Michel Ippolito. The music alone made it enjoyable but the piece went on too long.

Review in the New York Times
In the more compelling second half Johannes Wieland’s -Because there isn't any- used accordion music by Jean-Pierre Guiran...

Spanish national dans group & Accordéon Mélancolique

On February 4, 2010 in the Teatro de Madrid the premiere took place of EWES, a new choreography by Amaury Lebrun. Among other music he used music of Accordéon Mélancolique. The dance piece, which is about the shortage of drinking water, was conducted by Compañía Nacional de Danza II from Spain.
Here you can watch a fragment, the music used here is the number -Quinta Anauco- taken from the CD Parade des Poules.

Review in El Pais

French hiphop dance on music by Accordéon Mélancolique

A video of the French dancing group Accrorap. It is part of their show ’Petites Histoires.com’. The music used is "Parade des Poules" from an Accordéon Mélancolique CD with the same title.

The show is preformed in Europe, China, Vietnam and elswhere.

Martin Scorsese & music by Accordéon Mélancolique

Martin Scorsese In the US documentary short film "Picasso and Braque go to the movies" music of Accordeon Melancolique has been used! Cubists LLC, D.P. Petr Hlinomaz – HD Documentary. Producer: Arne Glimcher, Robert Greenhut, Martin Scorsese

Short Film The Last Day

The Last Day The Last Day In this Dutch short film music is used made by Accordeon Melancolique. The premiere will be on the Dutch Film Festival in September 2008. Later on the film will be shown on the Dutch television and problably in other countries. Scenario: Helena van der Meulen direction: Saskia Diesing producer: Lemming Film.

Watch the (non-spoken) film here https://www.cinema.nl/nps-kort/media/4116382/de-laatste-dag-kort-2008

Dutch TV docu "Baantjer"

Baantjer Baantjer was a policeman in Amsterdam for many years. One day he started writing crime novels. He sold millions copies of his books in many languages, films and TV series were made. Music of Accordéon Mélancolique was used in a Dutch TV documentary about his life as policeman. You can watch it here https://www.uitzendinggemist.net/aflevering/56047/Profiel.html

Radiostation Classic FM is playing often our music

The station is also on the internet https://www.classicfm.nl/index.php and click on Luister Live.

Resemblance, contemporary NewYork dance duet

Resemblance by Melanie Aceto - Toronto Fringe 2006 from Melanie Aceto on Vimeo.

Resemblance, contemporary NewYork dance duet.
Choreography: Melanie Aceto
Music: Accordéon Mélancolique, from the CD L'Imparfait du Coeur
Dancers: Melanie Aceto, Claire Jacob-Zysman


Le Nid Aimé"Le Nid Aimé" review in the US world music magazine "Dirty Linen", read more

performance at Arbaejarsafn museumPhoto is made during the performance at Arbaejarsafn museum, Iceland. July 21th 2003

In the Netherlands Accordeon Melancolique is succesfully touring with new repertoire, most of it original compositions. Often the concerts are given with cooperation with the poet T. Buwe. If you would like to receive details by email, please contact us at info@acmel.nl

Enjoy a tour of The National park at Ellis Island in New York, USA where immigrants were processed for entry into the US for many years. The tour is for Ellis Island and Liberty Island where the statue of Liberty is. There is no specific address as you have to take a boat to get there (there are two islands) and you can catch a boat from New York or New Jersey. While listening to the tourist information on the MP3 player provided you can also enjoy fragments of music by Accordeon Melancolique. The Mp3 tour will be available till 2008.

When you go to Paris, don't be surprised to hear Accordeon Melancolique playing on the information Channel in up to 50 Hotels.

WDYN is playing our music, read

L'heure bleu. During this program broadcasted on the Dutch national radio on januari 15, 2003, thirteen tracks of our albums were given airplay.

How do you play beautiful music on a ugly instrument. For one hour we talked (in Dutch) about this item. We were guests in the program de Wandelende Tak VPRO RADIO NL. focused on worldmusic. Besides tracks of our CDs also live recordings were used.

In case you want to be informed about the Accordéon Mélancolique" latest news by email, send an email to info@acmel.nl with "latest news AM" in the subject line.

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