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Number 1 in the Swedish accordion top ten of 1999

Dragspels Nytt (SW)

A delicate form of music with something chamberish about it. What impressed me most was how frugal they were with the superb technique they both have. Instead you tend to focus on the dynamics of the melody and the integrated "music-lyrics" of the playlist. To be able to hear La Vie en Rose, Adeus, and the El Choclo and Uno tangos as wordless ballads is a comfort to ears tormented by today’s music. This musical couple enables the listener to enjoy the subtle structure of these melodies. The rest of the titles are of the same high quality. Whatever instrument you play, or to whatever extent you are occupied with music, this recording has something to teach you. (Translation Bromiley)

The CD is chosen as number one in this magazine’s top ten of 1999. ****=perfect. Beng Nyquist. Dragspels nytt. (Accordion news) No. 1, volume 31, 1999 Sweden.

Swedish original - Nederlandse vertaling

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