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Petits Fours Frais

A refreshing musical treat

Dirty Linen, USA

Petits fours frais
self.released stam007 (2003)

Piazzolla forever
Sony FDM 36642.2 (2003)

What is it about the accordion? It's engendered at least as many jokes as banjo, yet when you hear it and its brethren played well, it is a free-reeded thing of beauty. As evidence, these two recordings feature the instrument, but in very different musical contexts. The Dutch-based accordion duo Accordéon Mélancolique is anything but. Their Petit Fours Frais is a sweet live CD that explores a wide variety of musical styles. Cherie de Boer and Jean-Pierre Guiran (Orkest Polytour - the wonderful ensemble that features Gypsy jazz with musettes and wonderful French composers ) are the group, completed here by bass, guitars, and saxophones. In addition to traditional tunes, there are quite a few Guiran originals. Highlights include “Une Valse Anglaise SVP,” an original, and a hard-swinging "Passé Composé." "Terezinha" is beautiful, as is the classic "La Mer," a favorite tune. This project is a refreshing musical treat.

Lush interpretations of classic Astor Piazzolla compositions performed live can be found on Piazolla Forever by the Richard Galliano Septet. The zesty fervor with which the seven attack these nouveaux tangos is the sonic equivalent of an entire symphony orchestra. Galliano plays both accordion and bandoneon. Hervé Sellin’s piano performance is exemplary. All the compositions are indeed Piazolla, save for a tribute to the composer written by Galliano. Subtle, beautiful. If you aren’t already familiar with the work of Piazolla, this is a fine introduction. Aficiandas will rave. This CD is well worth seeking out.

Linda Daile Paulson (Ventura, CA)

DIRTY LINEN, world music magazine, USA april/May 2004 #111

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