Orkest Polytour
from left to right.
Jan de Jong - solo guitar.
Jean-Pierre Guiran - accordion and vocals
Lion Van - Double bass
Steef de Ridder - Rhythm guitar

A trip down memory lane perhaps - or a voyage of discovery?
Polytour takes you back to golden age of French chansons, the music and lyrics taken from life itself. It can be melancholic, and then lively and provocative. The songs, performed in the past by Trenet, Montand, Brassens, and Bécaud, are interspersed with bursts of Django's gypsy-jazz. The accordion reanimates Gus Viseur's musette-waltz. Orkest Polytour embraces the nostalgia of the golden age and introduces swing to the French chanson. The result is a danceable and illustrious genre of music (listen to the Polytour album "le Roi des Jongleurs"), accessible to the average listener and an invitation to the connoisseur.